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Mastered is a talent company for creatives in fashion.

We serve the new breed of fashion professionals who are remaking the rules of the industry in their favour.

We devise and run year-long career accelerators to help talented artists develop skills, network and attitude - and we work with the very best in the industry to do it.

Expert contributors from across the industry

Our hand-picked experts are some of the biggest names in the industry, and are ready to share their advice with you in videos, live ask-me-anything sessions, and one-to-one feedback.

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Val Garland
World-renowned makeup artist
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Sam McKnight
World-leading session stylist
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Nick Knight
Visionary image-maker
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Marian Newman
Fashion’s most respected nail artist
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Virgil Abloh
Creative director and founder of OFF-WHITE
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Inez and Vinoodh
Celebrated photography duo
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Alastair McKimm
Fashion director, i-D magazine
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Sought-after session stylist
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Fabien Baron
Creative Director, Baron & Baron
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Alex Box
Make-up artist & creative director
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Pati Dubroff
Makeup artist
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Christian Louboutin Beauté
Luxury footwear, accessories and beauty designer

A team dedicated to developing programs and supporting emerging professionals

Whether it’s the production team devising tasks and supporting content, or the talent team coaching and providing pastoral care, there’s a whole host of people behind the scenes ensuring our artists get the best learning experience.

Maddy, talent manager

Maddy guides our artists in the classroom, making sure they’re working on the goals they’ve set themselves.

Lou, professional coach

Lou provides personal coaching one-on-one sessions to help deal with any blocks that might hold our artists back in professional development.

Katie, talent manager

Katie is on hand throughout the Mastered program, guiding our artists and helping them get the most out of the program.

Ruth, talent care

Ruth is here to solve our artists’ practical problems, so they can focus on developing their careers in a seamless classroom experience.

Over 2,000 collaborators from over 80 countries working at the top of their game.

Joining Mastered means connecting with an international network of art directors, stylists, photographers, hairstylists, makeup artists, accessories and streetwear brands.

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Cait Hill
Nail Artist. Business Owner. Educator.
Salzburg, Austria
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Pedro Arieta
New York, NY, United States
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Laura McCosh
Barcelona, CT, Spain
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Liselotte Schuppers
Fashion Photograper
Utrecht, Nederland
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Oluwaseyi Aladeselu
Manicurist | Makeup Artist | Esthetician
Chicago, IL, United States
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Gigi Lira/Gigi Jiggles
Lisenced Nail Technician and Nail artist
Chicago, IL, United States
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Aaron Dezonie
Creative Director / Head designer.
Birmingham, EN, United Kingdom
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Maria Dora
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Gemma Hollis
Nail Artist
London, EN, United Kingdom
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michelle marshall
London, EN, United Kingdom
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Chiara Predebon
Milano, LO, Italy
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Lulu Plews
Hair stylist (and Make up artist)
London, EN, United Kingdom